Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My Book FREEMAN Is Out!

  Hey guys, my new book FREEMAN is actually out now.  We had a pre-release last month at TR!CSTER, but now it is available to anyone on Amazon.com or BarnesandNoble.com

FREEMAN, an original screenplay, is a western about Thomas Freeman a former slave, living out West with his wife and child, building a new life. Accused of stealing, he is forced to become a fugitive. To evade the posse on his trail, he finds himself using the same tricks he used as a runaway slave. Problem is, Freeman's also being hunted by an expert tracker by the name of Cage. Cage's former profession? Slave-catcher. And he knows all the tricks.          
The book also includes my notes on how the story was constructed.  As often as possible I like to show you all how the elements of story I write about can be put to practical use.

In my first book INVISIBLE INK I use the script for my short film WHITE FACE to show how the principles of Invisible Ink were applied. And on this blog I often use the work of others as examples. But with FREEMAN you can see how these principles can help in the construction of an entire feature film.

In this book I show how theme/armature can be applied to every aspect of one’s decision-making when writing a story – how one can use armature as a compass that points true north. I hope that I show how these ideas of structure can be used to create an interesting, exciting, emotional and meaningful story. That was the idea. So far people tell me that the book does just that.

Hope some of you find it helpful as well.

-- Brian  


Phillip said...

Great idea - I won invisible ink and would love to see it applied in screenplay form. are there any previews? PDFs?



Quentin Lebegue said...

Aaaaaah, so excited !! I'm ordering it right now !

I loved your first two books, and I'm sure it's going to be the same with this one !

Keep up the good work and inspiring posts too !

Brian McD said...

Hello Philip,

Glad you're excited. Sorry no previews.

Thanks for writing,

-- Brian

Brian McD said...

Hey Quentin,

Thanks for getting the book. I hope the book lives up to your expectations.

-- Brian

Jeff said...


Like most of your blog's readers, I loved your first two books and can't wait for Amazon prime to do it's wonderful magic trick and deposit your latest at my door. Really looking forward to it.

- Jeff

Meesimo said...

Excellent work sir, really enjoying your Invisible Ink and The Golden Theme. After reading them, they stick in one's mind tenaciously.
With those two tomes in mind, I see connections everywhere, with movies, TV, even in conversations with friends.
One thing that also jumps out is in music: like folk, pop, or especially classic Blues music with strong storytelling. It's cool to see the armature in appealing music, whether it's the lyrics or even a musical cue that reoccurs and comments on the ongoing musical "narrative".
Anyway, looking forward to FREEMAN excitedly!
My girl and I recently watched and enjoyed the heck out of Paper Moon. Classic indeed.

Brian McD said...

Hello Christian,

Thanks for writing. It's nice for me to hear that people are really excited about the new book -- I hope that it does not disappoint.

Glad to hear too that you are able to observe some of the things I talk about in other crafts. I think that's the key to understanding the concepts -- to observe them wherever you can.

And PAPER MOON is great! Glad you guys dug it. It was a huge hit when it came out. People really liked it a lot, I'm not sure why it isn't watched much now. Just everyone I recommended it to has been blown away. One student told me yesterday that he just watched it twice. Spread the word, my friend.

Thanks so much for writing.

- Brian

kenzi said...

Ooooh :D
I'm glad I stopped by your blog today! Got to order your new book!


Brian McD said...

Thanks, Sunny.