Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"The Godfather," how to find the Theme and other things you may have missed.

These are just a few links to things that some of you may have missed. So, in case you are interested, here they are.

I recently gave an interview to Henry Sheppard for his blog Adelaide Screenwriter.  He asked me a question about The Godfather and its theme.  This was my answer:

I also did a guest post for Kay Kenyon's website Writing the World:

This is a nice book review from Henry Sheppard:

And this is the rest of my interview with Mr. Sheppard:

An embarrassingly nice review of Invisible Ink. Though apparently not so embarrassing that I won't stoop to calling your attention to it: http://www.paperwingspodcast.com/2012/01/pwp-19-how-to-write-comics-that-engage-your-audience/#comment-8710

Some of you may have seen these already, but for those who hadn't I hope at least some of these things are worth your time.


-- Brian