Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Accidental Hiatus

Turns out I took an accidental hiatus. I kept thinking I would get back to posting, but things kept getting in the way. I was teaching and writing my own stories. I wrote a bible for a television show which took up a lot of time. I am working on a graphic novel as well as a couple of other projects. All of those things spread me pretty thin. The other thing is that every time I tried to think of something to post I felt like I had already covered the subject in a previous post. As much of a talker as I am I only have so much to say and sometimes I run out of juice. I do want to get back to this blog, but I don’t want to make, or brake, any promises about how frequent my posts will be. I would like to thank those of you who have followed the Invisible Ink Blog and I can promise to try to do better in the future when it comes to posting. But one thing I can do right now, for those of you who haven’t heard them, is post some links to some recent podcasts where I was a guest. Thanks again for being patient with me. -Brian
A story about The Red Badge Project where I am an instructor
20/20 Podcast Episode 15 :: Brian McDonald’s 5 Best Scripts of 1993



Awesome and thank you for posting the podcast links what an enjoyable listen while animating. Long days long nites goes smooth with jewels like these Mr. McDonald.

Brian McD said...


Thanks for your comment. And thanks so much for reading the blog and listening to the podcasts.

Cole Higgins said...

hey Brian, thank you for your post! Hope you are feeling inspired and I look forward to listening to those links.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you told me about the Paper Wings Podcast and additionally I have found your blog! You are truly inspiring Brian!

Brian McD said...

Hello Jennifer,

Thanks so much for checking out the Podcasts and blog. Glad you like them! And thanks for the complement.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. McDonald. I just wanted to thank you for coming here to Walla Walla for the Red Badge Project. I just received two of your books today and I'm halfway through Invisible Ink but thought I'd better stop and try to contact you. All I can really think to say is WOW! The book is incredible. I'm so grateful you have chosen to help some of us veterans learn something about putting our story into words. It was a great honor to meet you and I hope to see you again.
Rick Lund

Brian McD said...

Hello Rick,

Thank you for this very kind comment. I and the other Red Badge instructors are honored to do the work.

Thanks too for your complements about my book. I'm happy to know that you like it so much. Thanks for making the effort to let me know.

I know that I will be back to Walla Walla at some point in the nearish future to give a talk as part of The Big Idea speaker series. If you make it please make sure to say hello.

Thanks again for letting us know that Red Badge has made a difference for you.



Ian Wing said...

Hi Brian, thanks for the update, I had been wondering when you would post next. I've been meaning to contact you: I recently read C.G. Jung's Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious and I wonder if you had read it or had any thoughts on it. When I attended your presentation at San Jose State many years ago I learned you were a fan of Joseph Campbell, who I also really enjoy. Campbell's ideas seem to fall right in line with Jung's and definitely applicable to story craft.

Thanks and I look forward to the next post!


Argus said...

I attended a visitor day at a local MFAC program to learn more about writing for children / young adults. As with many folks who attend these events, each of us has tons of stories rattling around in our heads. With me, I wondered if my stories were good enough for someone other than my child and could I finally put them on paper for her.

During one of the talks, an instructor / author was talking about your books. He mentioned that we should read your books. He broke down a few topics discussed in both of your books and applied them to books that must have covered in this semester's reading list. He inspired me. Actually you inspired me. I saw stories in a new light. As soon as I got home I purchased Invisible Ink and Golden Theme. Thank you for sharing and breaking down this information on good, no great storytelling. It is amazing how I now see where the invisible ink works and where it should have been used. As I have tried to find out more techniques from you, I discovered your blog. My next online reading adventure will be start at the beginning of your archived blogs and work my way up to the present.

The true test of my inspiration is that I have actually started to put those stories in my head onto paper. The stories contain good bones, but there was something lacking, something that did not connect the ideas and would loose the audience's attention (ok my daughter). As I keep jotting down more editorial notes on aspects mentioned in your book, I find myself laughing. For all these years, I saw these stories in one light, but now am seeing them evolve into where these stories need to go. I see the sparse amount of invisible ink that stopped them from going to the next level. Duh! Who is the master? :-)

Thank you so much for sharing your insight!

Unknown said...

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